Planning is defined as the act or process of making or carrying out plans, specifically the establishment of goals, policies, and procedures for achieving.  Effective planning can increase efficiency, reduce risks, aid in organizing, provide direction, encourage creativity, and help in decision making.  It is a way to optimize your efforts.  A plan is like

I recently attended the "Career Thought Leaders Conference" in Baltimore, Maryland, a conference about the future of the job market.  I am very thankful that this conference was put on, and the speakers were fabulous.  I have been a professional business coach for a long time, and this conference propelled me into the future and

The Label of "Achiever" "Achievers" feel a strong need to succeed in every endeavor and accomplish every goal, sometimes even on a daily basis.  Due to this, they can often be labeled as unfairly demanding bosses, coworkers, or partners.  This, however, is a misnomer.  If you feel as though you choose to work longer hours than


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