ADHD Coaching

Many people with ADHD, either diagnosed or with tendencies, don’t realize that what society believes are weaknesses are, in reality, genius gifts. Carroll gives her clients a free pass by letting them play in their abilities, fix the break in the chain and forget the rest.

Learn to Live in Your Own Skin

ADHD Coaching

Richmond ADHD Coaching and The Big Picture of ADHD

The experience of living with ADD or ADHD can be frustrating and challenging. You’ve been finding new, different ways of doing things ever since you were a kid, but sometimes your fast thinking can be overwhelming.

Forming a creative partnership with an experienced Richmond ADHD expert like coach Carroll King Schuller can help you minimize the frustrations of life with ADD or ADHD and maximize the strengths of the ADD/ADHD brain.

A Practical ADHD Partner in Richmond

Richmond ADHD coaching is powerful and beneficial to very fast thinkers, those who’ve been specifically diagnosed as ADHD or those with strong ADHD tendencies.

As a speed thinker, you will find your coaching sessions with Carroll to be an understanding environment to work on restructuring chaos, obtaining focus and experiencing harmony. Carroll focuses on enhancing your performance and success with ease.

What Can Richmond ADHD Coaching Do for Me?

Throughout the ADHD coaching process, Carroll will work with you to:

  • Create a less stressful, more productive work environment.
  • Balance your schedule and responsibilities.
  • Find structure—in your schedule, in your relationships, in your nutrition– that will help keep you grounded and healthy.
  • Organize your life to gain productivity and direction.
  • Figure out what works for you and focus on doing it well.
  • Gain perspective while maneuvering through major life choices.
  • Build your business, career, education, and family life around your strengths.
  • Focus your energy in productive directions.
  • Prioritize decisions, break down tasks, and formulate plans in a helpful process.

Fast Richmond Coaching Tailored Just for You

If you’re a fast thinker or enjoy period times of fast brainstorming, you will want to know how best to incorporate it into your business and life, for sanity’s sake, as well as your own personal happiness.

During coaching sessions, Carroll will ask a lot of questions: What’s holding you back?  What approaches and strategies can you experiment with?

Carroll easily gets to the heart of your obstacles and abilities, and then guides you to strategically take action. You will be pushed to sort your priorities and ground your motivations.  Your focus will be redirected and your perspective shifted.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are aimed at identifying obstacles and making a plan to overcome challenges.  You will be guided to address difficult questions and pushed to make immediate and positive changes.

Don’t wait to move forward fast.  Call Carroll King Schuller today at 804.288.0099 or use our easy Request-A-Consult form.

Richmond ADD / ADHD Coaching sessions are available in person in her private office, or by phone. While based in Richmond, Virginia, Carroll’s client base is national. With advanced booking, she is available to be on location for 1/2-day, full-day or multiple-day coaching, training, team observation or group facilitation at company retreats, board meetings or events.

Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

“Wow. In just six months of working every other week with Carroll, I have gained increasing power at work, found a real passion in my off-hours, and met people with whom I share interests. Carroll’s global approach to all the facets of my fine-but-boring life has been wonderful. Following my non-linear...