A Couple of Key Tips on the Interview Prep.

This is what I like to do for people preparing for an interview.  

Prepare 16 hours:  First they are shocked when I ask them to prepare for 16 hours for an interview.  I want them to know the people that they are going to be with, I want them to know their skills and their experience cold and I want them to know the company and the industry.  If you have all the information then you will be very calm.  

Research and practice:  Reviewing and answering behavioral questions, looking at the personalities of those who will be in the interview with you.  Even if you have to join linked In so you can see all of their profiles and review all the PR and documentation about the company and the industry.  Check out Glassdoor, Linkedin, Press, etc.  

What makes you uncomfortable in an interview:  Being clear about the things you are not comfortable with, that is one of the key subjects.  So people have things happen to them along the way in their career, maybe they were unemployed for 4 months and they think that it is a huge gap.  If you can talk about it and feel comfortable with what you are telling so it becomes about you and your presentation.  If something has happened you are going to go straight out with some information but not a lot unless it is asked for by the interviewer because you don’t want that experience to be the focus of the interview.  

Thank you for joining us, we will be doing more videos and I look forward to having you.