Organic Blueprints Testimonials

Clients who've experienced Organic Blueprints Coaching are eager to share their results. Here are just a few...

Results Matter. Proof Positive.


Quit Your Dead-End Job, Once and for All

“I whole-heartedly recommend Carroll to anyone struggling with their career. Her kind, yet no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to finally quit my dead-end job, find a job I truly enjoy, and start living the kind of life I had always envisioned but never thought I could achieve. Carroll helped me focus on the things I wanted to do, rather than the things I felt obligated to do. Working with Carroll absolutely changed my life for the better.

-Amy Burman

Richmond, VA

Addressed Fears Associated with Transition

“My friend suggested Carroll to me for her ability to really “get” people quickly, i.e. their strengths, challenges, personality type, and work styles, and work environments that would be good matches. Through career and skills assessment exercises and by talking with Carroll and responding to her targeted and intentional questions, she was able to quickly identify my core strengths/abilities and ways to incorporate them in future jobs.  Carroll was realistic, direct, and very optimistic.

What makes Carroll exceptional is her unique “gut instinct” – honed by years of work experience, life experience, business acumen, and a keen intellect – and the personable and concrete way she provides “steps” to move forward no matter what obstacles, real or perceived, are present.

Carroll helped me address the fears associated with transition, identify a new direction based on my strengths and preferences, and worked with me to take the steps necessary to move forward in a direction that is both exciting and hopeful.

I highly recommend Carroll King Schuller. She truly helps you design your own “Organic Blueprint” for your career…and your life!”

(name withheld)

Found Courage to Achieve Career Greater than Imagined

“Carroll was instrumental in prompting me to find my dream job. She encouraged me to judge those aspects of my work that bring me the greatest satisfaction, as well as those that drained my energies. I could then identify positions that had the right balance of activities in the right environment to keep me engaged and happy long term. Perhaps most importantly, Carroll was my cheerleader when I felt my confidence waning. I could call her at any time for a pep talk that kept me motivated and gave me much-needed perspective based on what I needed (not necessarily wanted) to hear.

She taught me the importance of not settling for a job that would get me by, but instead to pursue my ideal. By compelling me to make informed decisions about my career path based upon what I discovered about myself and my priorities, Carroll helped me find the courage to achieve a career even greater than I could have imagined. I recommend Carroll highly to anyone who is uncertain about the direction of their career or what would bring professional satisfaction.”

(name withheld)
Richmond, Virginia

Career Coaching Devises Clear, Concrete Steps

“Things changed for me when I started working with Carroll for career coaching. She helped me figure out what I honestly wanted, and devise clear, concrete, steps to get there. I ended up snagging my dream job, and in all honesty, I don’t think I would have gotten the position without her honest, practical advice and coaching through ups and downs. When we started working together, I was stumbling toward my goals. Carroll helped get me in “job shape” and taught me how to get across the finish line.”

Richmond, Virginia

Coaching Help for Dating and Relationship

“Initially I began speaking to Carroll as a Career Coach without any idea of her talent as a Life Coach.  Early on in our sessions, amidst progress on my career path, Carroll introduced discussions on dating and relationships.  Having recently emerged from a 10-15 year fog of self deprecating relationships, I was content being alone.  Her persistence challenged my comfort level at times but her keen intuition and perception revealed much about myself through it all.

Carroll’s method pushed me to confront sensitivities while she provided positive validation for things I was scolding myself for.  She introduced me to the idea of online dating, which I fought at first but realized (through talking with Carroll) this was my best option.  Albeit time consuming, it actually proved a perfect way for me to “date’ and determine the type of person I wanted as a partner.

In a matter of a few months I was regularly interacting with someone.  He is not anyone I would have initiated a conversation with in a social setting and is different from every other guy I have dated. Carroll’s encouragement to step outside my comfort zone and look at other “types” of men allowed me to explore options and opportunities I would not have normally considered. Her continued encouragement to push forward with someone so different allowed me the opportunity to experience what a healthy, loving relationship is like.

Chris and I have been seeing each other for several awesome months and I see it only getting better.  I get complimented by others on a daily basis about how happy I look – that I am beaming!”

Lisa M.
Charleston, South Carolina

Daughter Able to Move Forward and Make Decisions with Confidence

“I contacted Carroll to assist my 22 year old daughter, who has ADD  with career and education guidance. Carroll went to great efforts to discuss with me her needs and was very thorough and methodical in focusing on key points. She has a great gift of keen understanding what a person with Attention Deficit Disorder goes through and she is extremely intuitive to my daughters needs.  My daughter looked forward to the sessions because of the value that Carroll brought. She helped her understand her strengths, weaknesses and how to best use that knowledge in making decisions about her career and education. After meeting with Carroll, my daughter was able to move forward and make some major life decisions with confidence and a plan to achieve them. I am convinced that without Carroll’s assistance, my daughter would have remained “stuck” where she was!”

Richmond, Virginia

Coaching Led to Life-Changing Experience

“I have been amazed at the progress and success that I have experienced since I began working with Carroll about six months ago. Carroll is extremely insightful, intelligent and very resourceful. She has a natural ability to help me stay focused on the important issues at hand. She offers a great combination of experience, honesty, understanding and caring that has allowed me to be more productive and comfortable in both my work and personal life. I had originally planned on only a few coaching sessions, but I keep working with Carroll because of the results I continue to see week after week. It has truly been a life-changing experience that helped me with my work, my health, my relationships with my family and friends, adapting to my ADHD and defining what is most important in my life. I have benefited tremendously from Carroll’s unique style of coaching and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I really do owe a lot to her!”

BLS, Marketing Project Manager
Richmond, Virginia

Recreate Yourself by Concentrating on Strengths

“I worked with Carroll for about 3 months as part of a job search. We went through an extensive self-awareness evaluation to help me pinpoint why some things were easy for me, while others required more effort. As a result, I am developing tools to make my difficult things easier to manage. This process really helped me to structure and focus my job search on opportunities in my industry that I might normally have passed over. I took a risk on a position that allows me to use my strengths and abilities and I love it. And to top it off, Carroll was great fun to work with.”

KTB, Mechanical Engineer
Richmond, Virginia

See Challenges Differently for Better Career Results

“I had the opportunity to work with Carroll to help me better understand myself and how I could approach some challenging work situations in my career. I found her to be an excellent listener and she offered some surprisingly creative career solutions. I was amazed at her ability to quickly size up the people and organizational dynamics and offer some elegant thoughts on how I could adjust my actions to effectively handle those dynamics. I would happily recommend Carroll to a friend and I’m certain I will connect with her in the future when I hit the next big challenges.”

Chris Honsberger

Invigorate Career Search by Seeing Your Abilities Differently

“I’d been out of the job market for awhile, and working with Carroll to help me get back in was invaluable. With her assistance, I figured out very quickly what my strengths were and where I wanted to focus my career search. I’ve recommended her highly to several friends and business clients and will continue to do so.”

(name withheld)
Denver, Colorado

Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

“Wow. In just six months of working every other week with Carroll, I have gained increasing power at work, found a real passion in my off-hours, and met people with whom I share interests. Carroll’s global approach to all the facets of my fine-but-boring life has been wonderful. Following my non-linear lead, she easily transitions from one topic to the next, often making leaps of her own in order to spur my thinking. She offers helpful, truly innovative suggestions of ways I can accomplish my personal and professional goals—things I would never have thought of, but once she says, ‘If you’re stuck on one novel, why not try writing two at once,’ it suddenly becomes so much easier.”

AHG, Healthcare Professional
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Family Understanding Forges Brighter Future

Well, I looked into working with Carroll because my son was having problems figuring out what to do in life but, after the initial meeting,  I ended up joining him in weekly sessions. This gave both of us insight to our different personality traits with focus on our strengths and recognizing our weaknesses. Carroll led us through discussions that helped us narrow down the decision making process, what to do for next steps and things to look for in the future. I really did learn a lot about myself, what my strengths are, what to look for in a career path and how to sort and choose options that match my needs, as well as how to better understand my son and the way he looks at life in general. Each of us has unique qualities and gifts. Carroll helps to shed light on those things to help you move toward your future goals and dreams.”

JKS and GFS (father and son)
Richmond, Virginia

Acceptance Creates Knowledge, Leads to Success for ADHD

“Having ADHD is a struggle and when I tell people I have it, they shrug it off like I’m just one and the same. I’ve struggled with reading and reading comprehension my entire life. I haven’t stopped moving since I was slapped on the back by my doctor the day I was born. Fortunately enough, Carroll was the slap on the back that made me go cross-eyed. To a normal person this sounds like a terrible thing but to someone who has been looking at a magic eye their entire life, unable to see the hidden picture, unable to read the blurry ensemble of text and font, unable to figure out why life seemed very askew, being cross-eyed is actually quite nice.

When I tried to read I would either fall asleep or put the book down after 5 pages. Now, I listen to a book while I go for a walk. Or throw on some blue glasses, because for some odd reason, it works. When you have ADHD and you find the things that work, they might not necessarily work for everyone, but if it works for you, you don’t fight it. You accept it. You embrace it and you use it to conquer your next goal. Carroll taught me these new perspectives on views in life. She’s helped push aside the hard stuff and shown me my potential. Whether it is with new and creative ways of learning to find ways to work around the problem, she has a solution for the issue at hand. I now know what I need to be doing in my life, not worry about what I couldn’t get through in the past.”

FJT, Designer
Ashland, Virginia

Coaching His Way to Clearer Thinking

“I came to Carroll at a point of serious frustration with my career trajectory. I knew my skills and my experiences weren’t being totally utilized or appreciated, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Should I quit? Should I stay longer to see if things would turn around? It was amazing how quickly Carroll jut ‘got’ me and could see all the working pieces of the situation. Coaching with Carroll gave me the clarity I needed to move forward in a strategic, focused way. I am thrilled about the outcome: I’m more satisfied – and challenged – in my work than I’ve ever been.”

Mike M., Software Engineer

Challenge Yourself for Sharper Life Focus

“Carroll has challenged what I already know about myself and the way I work in such a way that I have a new life focus and hope of getting out of the same cycle I have been in for years. Her insights about basic things have been spot on, opening me up to some of the crazier suggestions about deeper topics.”

(name withheld)
Richmond, Virginia

Skilled Couples Coach

“Running a business as a married couple presents a multitude of unique challenges. Business coaching can be a valuable tool for any executive or entrepreneur seeking guidance, and a skilled couples coach is downright rare. Organic Blueprints has proven to be one of the best business and relationship investments my husband and I have made in recent history. Carroll King Schuller has an outstanding ability to navigate the professional and emotional challenges inherent to couples in business together. We started working with Organic Blueprints at precisely the right moment, (the one when you know you need help but don’t know where to turn) our company is thriving and we have a clear path and vision for the future.”

Tiffany Jana, CEO
TMI – Richmond

Motivate Your Team

“It is with high enthusiasm we at Beaufont Towers Retirement and Assisted Living recommend Carroll Schuller and Organic Blueprints. Carroll’s expertise in leading, coaching and managing people is eye-opening. I personally have been in management and leadership training for years, Carroll opened my eyes to a paradigm shift through coaching techniques, focusing on strengths using proper verbiage to motivate and get our people to think and be creative problem solvers. Carroll has coached our Executive Team personally and facilitated meeting with our team of directors. We are still seeing great improvement as our directors take ownership of their roles!”

Michelle Braden
Beaufont Towers Retirement & Assisted Living Community

Develop Purpose, Cultivate Happiness

“Carroll Schuller has been a very positive influence on both me and my business. She has helped me to identify what it is I do best, and learn to outsource or delegate all the rest. This has focused my efforts, which were once scattered on things that were not working, so that not only has sales and profitability increased, but so has my overall happiness. I would highly recommend Carroll to any business owner who wants to do great things.”

Kelly D. Moore, President
Moore Benefits, Inc., Irvine, California

Regain Control, Develop Better Relationships

“…I feel much more in control of my life and my surroundings. I am developing better relationships with others, and I am concentrating on my successes—not my failures.”

Richmond, Virginia

Private: Gross Profit Increased by 65%

“In 12 months, my gross profit has increased by 65%. What I like about Carroll’s unique business coaching is that it is centered on practical techniques pertaining to my size business and my management style.”

Pam Chanfrau, President
ACP Resources Inc., Richmond,Virginia

Business and Personal Achievement

“Since working with Carroll, I have landed my largest contract to date, and I have also completed my first Ironman Triathlon.”

Quebec, Canada

Strategic Investment in Myself

“Within the first six months of focused coaching, Carroll’s expertise has taken me to a rare, mid-life career leap into a role where I anticipate loving my job and succeeding. I’m gaining an immediate 20% increase in current earnings

Her coaching methods led me through issues more quickly than I would have on my own. Retaining Carroll was a strategic investment in myself that will pay dividends for the rest of my career…one that I choose and celebrate!”


Make the Right Changes

“Four years ago, trapped in a depression, hormonal imbalance, and a job in a corporate setting that left me very unfulfilled, we began working together. … But, with your help and coaching I was able to manage very difficult conversations with supervisors and department heads that gave me a release from the job with a well deserved exit package.

brought me my new career in six weeks!”

Susan G.
Hollywood, Florida

Find Understanding

“There is nothing more exciting than to talk with someone who REALLY knows where you are coming from and who understands the little things, as well as the big things, that affect your everyday life. Carroll is easy to work with and she really cares.”

L. Johnson
Housewife Extraordinaire!

See Connections between Work, Life, and Relationships

“I have been amazed at the progress and success that I have experienced. Carroll is extremely insightful, intelligent and very resourceful. She has a natural ability to help me stay focused on the important issues at hand. She offers a great combination of experience, honesty, understanding and caring that has allowed me to be more productive and comfortable in both my work and personal life. I had originally planned on only a few coaching sessions, but I keep working with Carroll because of the results I continue to see week after week. It has truly been a life-changing experience that helped me with my work, my health, my relationships with my family and friends and defining what is most important in my life. I have benefited tremendously from Carroll’s unique style of coaching and I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

JTF, Director
Amgen – California

Creative Ideas to Keep You On Track

“I increased my income last year as a result of weekly coaching sessions with Carroll. Her positive energy and creative ideas kept me on track for discovering what I needed to expand my business and reach my goals. It is apparent to me that Carroll really does care about her clients. Her commitment to my success is something she took very seriously. I am very grateful for our work together.”

Frances M. Kimmel
Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, Richmond, Virginia,

Rewrite the Rules to Your Life

“Carroll has an energy and a talent that embodies exactly what she does for a living. She has a way of sensing exactly what I need to ask myself and exactly what is blocking me from doing what I am truly built to do. Working with her is empowering me to get to the bottom of issues blocking my dreams in life, to develop an authentic and loving relationship with myself, and make mind-blowing sense out of details I had rendered impossible to handle…or even meaningless, years ago. She has helped me rewrite my rules to life, access talents I never considered worthwhile, and formulate plans that ignite energy like I’ve never experienced.  Her simple, no-fluff way of working has provided me with the tools and the mental feedback loops to completely break apart a snowballing cycle of disappointment and disbelief in myself. I finally feel like the life & career path I’ve always wanted is completely possible, and happening! I love Carroll’s realness, her willingness to share her life and lead by example, and her genuine motives and intentions behind her well thought-out yet instinctive strategy of coaching. Carroll is clearly born to do this work, and has a miraculous way of helping people navigate through the path of least resistance towards where they naturally thrive. My work with Carroll has been without question, the most healing, confirming and empowering support of my entire life.”

Jane R.
New York, NY

Positive Job Change

“Your listening skills and insight were a powerful combination as you sized up my strengths and weaknesses and advised me how I could succeed as the director.  You drew from your first-hand experiences in the business world to give me realistic expectations of what I would encounter.  Specifically you warned me about feeling isolated in that particular job and of the difficulties I’d encounter having a boss rather than being a boss after my 23 years of owning a business.  Perhaps the best lessons I took away from our work together were about how to enjoy the job while keeping my stress level low and maintaining my health.  Again and again I went back to those recommendations and they continued to work.

At the beginning of this summer I realized I was stressed, unhappy, and anxious for a change.  I then recalled your admonition that I would probably be happy for two or three years in that particular job and then get bored with it.  Okay, so you’re a prophet, too.

Remembering your warnings helped me realize that, to stay healthy and happy, I needed to pursue something that would bring me more satisfaction.  I submitted my resignation, found a great replacement, and am currently training that person for my old job.  The insights you gave me three years ago made this change so much easier as I saw it as a positive event – the next step toward doing work that is more meaningful to me and of greater service to others.”

Northern Neck, VA

Look Forward to Future

“I chose to meet with Carroll because I had no idea how to make the next step. I found myself in a job I hated, in an industry I had no interest in. I knew a lot about myself already but had no idea how to put any of the pieces together. Carroll helped me narrow down my path and put actions to the steps I needed to take.

Now I am on a path that really excites me and I am looking forward to the future! With Carroll’s guidance and her ability to see me in a way that I couldn’t see myself, I have more confidence in what I can offer the world, not just professionally but personally as well.”

Richmond, VA

Be at Peace

“Carol has helped me tremendously…be at peace dealing with…finances, staff, my family life.

She cared for me as a Person: Not just another business for her.  And she provided tools…”

Gina Fontillas Lyons
Lyons Marble & Granite, Inc., Make Mine a Million Winner

Get Past False Starts

“When I tell Carroll about a problem I’m having, she immediately comes up with a perfectly logical explanation or a good suggestion. Carroll has been a lifeline to sanity, and a window to peace… I had a string of false starts and minimal success…or so I thought. Because of Carroll, I am now able to see and appreciate my strengths, capitalize on them and change the consequences in my life.”

S. Mosser
State of Washington

Learn to be More Productive

“I wasn’t happy with any area of my life. I contacted several coaches for over the phone “trial” sessions and only one coach stood out: Carroll King Schuller.  She was…quick to understand and even quicker to respond with great ideas.

Fast forward 8 months…My productivity skyrocketed by almost 60%! I am actually doing more work in less time. How do you measure the gain of working with Carroll? Well I measure it like this:

8 months…60% wealthier, 20lbs. lighter, 2 promotions later, 1 happier husband and marriage. That makes Carroll King Schuller: PRICELESS

I gained an awareness that there are many things on my list of things to do that should be let go. I am now able to focus on the money making aspect of my business…opened the door to growing my business.”

M. Kuzmick
Michell Kuzmick Photography

Balance Personal and Professional Goals

“I always look forward to my sessions with Carroll. I know I will leave feeling focused, calm, and creative. As a business owner it is so important to have an advisor who looks out for your best interest. Carroll takes a holistic approach to coaching by helping me to balance my personal and professional goals along with that of my company.”

K. Lawrence, CEO

Gain Insight, Develop Sound Strategy

It has been a privilege working with you over the past few months. I appreciate your willingness to simply listen as I pull strategic direction together for my business. Your insight and wisdom have helped me tremendously in growing myself and the business. The coaching provided a level of confidence in each of my difficult times by working together to create a sound strategy. Thank you so much, you are fabulous!

M. Tomasso
Health e-Lunch Kids, Inc.

No-Nonsense, Personal Approach

My awareness of where I want to go in business and life has never been a problem, yet somehow the end was elusive. I have a tendency to think strategically, see the big picture, aim for the great and wonderful, and yet stumble on the right steps to get there. Carroll provided me with the tactical steps I was lacking. Within one year of working with Carroll, I shed “dead-end” ventures, focused on stabilizing my finances, re-built confidence in my abilities and talents and created a stable foundation to re-launch my fledgling business. Our work together provided clarity of not only my goals but the way to realize them. So much is now “RIGHT” and Carroll helped me get here!

Helene Bumbalo
HirePower Associates, LLC

Meet and Exceed Goals

“Working with Carroll has been both a pleasure and an asset. During our first year in business we’ve seen phenomenal growth and been able to exceed all of our goals. Furthermore, the entire process has been surprisingly smooth with minimal growing pains. We’re looking forward to another prosperous year with Carroll by our side!”

Zach Brown, Director of Operations
Search Placement, Asheville, NC

Grow Fast

Spectacular results fast. That’s what Carroll provided me and I would recommend her coaching to those Fast Thinking Adults (you know who you are) who  are seeking to achieve the quantum leaps in either their professional or personal lives without making any other sacrifices. I will continue to work with Carroll on an ongoing basis in the months and years ahead, as she “keeps my feet to the fire” which is exactly what I was looking for in a business coach. Excellent value/ROI — worth every dollar and more.

Sally Witzky
Traction Group LLC

Gain Clarity

Several times before in my life/work experience I’ve found myself with decisions where either choice presented immense and equally amazing opportunity and challenge. Until now I faced those decisions alone. It seemed no one got me and the challenges I thought were unique to my situation. Carroll is in pace with the speed of my thinking, sees the essence of my challenge, and clears the fog that hides my own solutions. I thrive on chaos but going there with clarity is Carroll’s achievement.

Great Kate Construction, Portland, Oregon, Make Mine a Million Winner

Make Positive Change

I can’t thank Carroll enough for helping me become who I’m really supposed to be. She helped me to recognize and focus on my strengths…I’m making a career change to being a writer… Carroll has been instrumental in helping me make the change. I even have a publisher looking at my first novel!

J. Forsythe

Follow Your Own Path to Gain Power and Perspective

“Following my non-linear lead, she easily transitions from one topic to the next, often making leaps of her own in order to spur my thinking.”

Wow. In just six months of working every other week with Carroll, I have gained increasing power at work, found a real passion in my off-hours, and met people with whom I share interests.

Carroll’s global approach to all the facets of my fine-but-boring life has been wonderful. Following my non-linear lead, she easily transitions from one topic to the next, often making leaps of her own in order to spur my thinking. She offers helpful, truly innovative suggestions of ways I can accomplish my personal and professional goals—things I would never have thought of, but once she says, “If you’re stuck on one novel, why not try writing two at once,” it suddenly becomes so much easier.

(name withheld)
Richmond, Virginia

Access Your Goals

“Carroll is an excellent verbal detective”

In the short period of time that I have been working with Carroll, I have experienced much relief around my future professional goals and my personal abilities of accessing those goals. Carroll is an excellent verbal detective in that our sessions start in one place and through her acute listening and attuning skills we uncover subtle but valuable messages from my life experiences that help me create and fine tune the world I want to manifest for myself.  It is of great value to me to have Carroll in my life as a personal and professional advisor.

Sarah Borda
Chester, NJ, Body Heart Therapy Center and Body Move Sports Massage

Create Powerful Action Steps

“She helped me gain focus and served as an accountability partner by inspiring me to move forward.”

Carroll is a God send! Her no-nonsense approach to coaching is just what I needed to get me up and running as a partner in my own web design studio. After spending several months wavering back and forth about what I wanted to do when I left my corporate job in sales, she helped me gain focus and served as an accountability partner by inspiring me to move forward. When the challenge in front of me of starting a business in a down economy seemed just too overwhelming to bear alone, Carroll worked with me to create powerful action steps to get me where I wanted to be in a short amount of time.

In less than 6 months working with Carroll, I had a strong client base and had made over a 300% ROI! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, but instead, establishes a co-creative relationship that will surely gain the results you desire. It’s not a magical solution, it’s just darn good coaching!

Jessica Musso, Partner
Richmond, VA Buckethead Studio

Private: Refocus and Strategize

“Now, my company’s perspective is long-term, optimistic, inspired”

Coach Carroll’s work is like the gardener who takes a tiny seed, examines it, finds its special place in the field, waters it and allows the seed to sprout, grow and mature. I have been in the remodeling business 23 years and only until my association with Organic Blueprints did our business “find itself” and grow…thrive. Carroll has a unique ability to refocus the client back to strategies that challenge on the individual level and drive that energy back to the task at hand. Carroll’s services have been invaluable. My company’s perspective is long term, optimistic…inspired. We are grateful for her help.

John M. Ransone
Virginia Builder

Gain Clarity, Maximize Strengths, Do What You Love

“She has this amazing ability . . .  to build on your natural ability and talent”

“My work had become like my golf swing… what I was doing right was as much a mystery as what I was doing wrong. Carroll doesn’t try to “fix” you; she has this amazing ability to isolate why your way works for you and how to build on your natural ability and talent. She deftly peels away all the layers to get to the very core, isolating strengths and, equally important, finding what truly makes you happy.

Looking back on how confusing things were BC and how clear things became AC, is mindboggling! Her intuition is remarkable, she listens and probes and digs into your head and heart like an archeologist. I am convinced there’s not a single person who couldn’t benefit in life changing ways from her gifts.

My work is infinitely more rewarding than before, I am reaping the benefits of doing what I truly love and I now feel a clarity I haven’t experienced since I was 25 and bulletproof.

In talking with friends who want to go to the next step in their careers, or are feeling stagnant in fields that no longer offer them the challenges and rewards they need and want, it’s difficult not to gush about Carroll and her ability to cut though the minutia to the heart of what we’re good at and how to take advantage of our gifts.

J. Barry
Voice Talent

Get Grounded, Get What You Want

“Thanks to your help in getting me grounded…I got the job and I start next week. I will be working as an educator and I even scored a big pay increase….”

Krisitina F.

Grow What You Love, Eliminate the Rest

“Carroll’s positive can-do attitude, along with her direct persistent encouragement to set goals and recognize my talents, have brought me closer to fulfilling my hopes and dreams, both personally and professionally. Focusing my attention on the innate values I have, recognizing my personality traits, and narrowing down the specific areas of my expertise allows me to devote my energies to growing the part of the company I love with an eye toward eliminating, or outsourcing, the areas that cause me stress. Thank you Carroll!”

Florence Donald, ASID
Florence Donald Interiors – Richmond, Virginia

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