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Client Success.


“I whole-heartedly recommend Carroll to anyone struggling with their career. Her kind, yet no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to finally quit my dead-end job, find a job I truly enjoy, and start living the kind of life I had always envisioned but never thought I could achieve. Carroll helped me focus on the things I wanted to do, rather than the things I felt obligated to do. Working with Carroll absolutely changed my life for the better.”

-Amy Burman
Richmond, VA


“My friend suggested Carroll to me for her ability to really “get” people quickly, i.e. their strengths, challenges, personality type, and work styles, and work environments that would be good matches. Through career and skills assessment exercises and by talking with Carroll and responding to her targeted and intentional questions, she was able to quickly identify my core strengths/abilities and ways to incorporate them in future jobs. Carroll was realistic, direct, and very optimistic.

What makes Carroll exceptional is her unique “gut instinct” – honed by years of work experience, life experience, business acumen, and a keen intellect – and the personable and concrete way she provides “steps” to move forward no matter what obstacles, real or perceived, are present.

Carroll helped me address the fears associated with transition, identify a new direction based on my strengths and preferences, and worked with me to take the steps necessary to move forward in a direction that is both exciting and hopeful.

I highly recommend Carroll King Schuller. She truly helps you design your own “Organic Blueprint” for your career…and your life!”

(name withheld)


“Carroll was instrumental in prompting me to find m y dream job. She encouraged me to judge those aspects of m y work that bring me the greatest satisfaction, as well as those that drained my energies. I could then identify positions that had the right balance of activities in the right environment to keep me engaged and happy long term. Perhaps most importantly, Carroll was my cheerleader when I felt m y confidence waning. I could call her at an y time for a pep talk that kept me motivated and gave me much-needed perspective based on what I needed (not necessarily wanted) to hear.

She taught me the importance of not settling for a job that would get me by, but instead to pursue my ideal. By compelling me to make informed decisions about my career path based upon what I discovered about myself and my priorities, Carroll helped me find the courage to achieve a career even greater than I could have imagined. I recommend Carroll highly to anyone who is uncertain about the direction of their career or what would bring professional satisfaction.”

(name withheld)
Richmond, Virginia


“Things changed for me when I started working with Carroll for career coaching. She helped me figure out what I honestly wanted, and d evise clear, concrete, steps to get there. I ended up snagging m y dream job, and in all honesty, I don’t think I would have gotten the position without her honest, practical advice and coaching through ups and downs. When we started working together, I was stumbling toward my goals. Carroll helped get me in “job shape” and taught me how to get across the finish line. ”

Richmond, Virginia


“Initially I began speaking to Carroll as a Career Coach without any idea of her talent as a Life Coach. Early on in our sessions, amidst progress on my career path, Carroll introduced discussions on dating and relationships. Having recently emerged from a 10-15 year fog of self deprecating relationships, I was content being alone. Her persistence challenged my comfort level at times but her keen intuition and perception revealed much about myself through it all.

Carroll’s method pushed me to confront sensitivities while she provided positive validation for things I was scolding myself for. She introduced me to the idea of online dating, which I fought at first but realized (through talking with Carroll) this was my best option. Albeit time consuming, it actually proved a perfect way for me to “date’ and determine the type of person I wanted as a partner.

In a matter of a few months I was regularly interacting with someone. He is not anyone I would have initiated a conversation with in a social setting and is different from every other guy I have dated. Carroll’s encouragement to step outside my comfort zone and look at other “types” of men allowed me to explore options and opportunities I would not have normally considered. Her continued encouragement to push forward with someone so different allowed me the opportunity to experience what a healthy, loving relationship is like. Chris and I have been seeing each other for several awesome months and I see it only getting better. I get complimented by others on a daily basis about how happy I look – that I am beaming!”

Lisa M.
Charleston, South Carolina


“I contacted Carroll to assist my 22 year old daughter, who has ADD with career and education guidance. Carroll went to great efforts to discuss with me her needs and was very thorough and methodical in focusing on key points. She has a great gift of keen understanding what a person with Attention Deficit Disorder goes through and she is extremely intuitive to my daughters needs. My daughter looked forward to the sessions because of the value that Carroll brought. She helped her understand her strengths, weaknesses and how to best use that knowledge in making decisions about her career and education. After meeting with Carroll, my daughter was able to move forward and make some major life decisions with confidence and a plan to achieve them. I am convinced that without Carroll’s assistance, my daughter would have remained “stuck” where she was!”

Richmond, Virginia


“I have been amazed at the progress and success that I have experienced since I began working with Carroll about six months ago. Carroll is extremely insightful, intelligent and very resourceful. She has a natural ability to help me stay focused on the important issues at hand. She offers a great combination of experience, honesty, understanding and caring that has allowed me to be more productive and comfortable in both my work and personal life. I had originally planned on only a few coaching sessions, but I keep working with Carroll because of the results I continue to see week after week. It has truly been a life-changing experience that helped me with my work, my health, my relationships with my family and friends, adapting to my ADHD and defining what is most important in m y life. I have benefited tremendously from Carroll’s unique style of coaching and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I really do owe a lot to her!”

BLS, Marketing Project Manager
Richmond, Virginia


“I worked with Carroll for about 3 months as part of a job search. We went through an extensive self-awareness evaluation to help me pinpoint why some things were easy for me, while others required more effort. As a result, I am developing tools to make my difficult things easier to manage. This process really helped me to structure and focus m y job search on opportunities in my industry that I might normally have passed over. I took a risk on a position that allows me to use my strengths and abilities and I love it. And to top it off, Carroll was great fun to work with.”

KTB, Mechanical Engineer
Richmond, Virginia


“I had the opportunity to work with Carroll to help me better understand myself and how I could approach some challenging work situations in my career. I found her to be an excellent listener and she offered some surprisingly creative career solutions. I was amazed at her ability to quickly size up the people and organizational dynamics and offer some elegant thoughts on how I could adjust m y actions to effectively handle those dynamics. I would happily recommend Carroll to a friend and I’m certain I will connect with her in the future when I hit the next big challenges.”

Chris Honsberger


“I’d been out of the job mark et for awhile, and working with Carroll to help me get back in was in valuable. With her assistance, I figured out very quickly what my strengths were and where I wanted to focus my career search. I’ve recommended her highly to several friends and business clients and will continue to do so.”

(name withheld)
Denver, Colorado


“Wow. In just six months of working e very other week with Carroll, I have gained increasing power at work, found a real passion in my off-hours, and met people with whom I share interests. Carroll’s global approach to all the facets of my fine-but-boring life has been wonderful. Following my non-linear lead, she easily transitions from one topic to the next, often making leaps of her own in order to spur my thinking. She offers helpful, truly innovative suggestions of ways I can accomplish my personal and professional goals—things I would never have thought of, but once she says, ‘If you’re stuck on one novel, why not try writing two at once,’ it suddenly becomes so much easier.”

AHG, Healthcare Professional
Fredericksburg, Virginia


“Well, I looked into working with Carroll because my son was having problems figuring out what to do in life but, after the initial meeting, I ended up joining him in weekly sessions. This gave both of us insight to our different personality traits with focus on our strengths and recognizing our weaknesses. Carroll led us through discussions that helped us narrow down the decision making process, what to do for next steps and things to look for in the future. I really did learn a lot about myself, what my strengths are, what to look for in a career path and how to sort and choose options that match my needs, as well as how to better understand my son and the way he looks at life in general. Each of us has unique qualities and gifts. Carroll helps to shed light on those things to help you move toward your future goals and dreams.”

JKS and GFS (father and son)
Richmond, Virginia


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