What Exactly is Career Coaching, Will it Help Me Professionally?

What exactly does Career Coaching look like?

We are made up of ourselves (talents, interests and Skills) and Career Coaching looks like figuring out those things out first and then figuring out how to move into a job that is basically those things. Most people feel like it is impossible; neither thing is impossible, often when you make a career move you would move closer to the things you want.

I will give you a personal example. I left management and took a contract and contracted 4.5 years as a recruiter. Then opened this business. That happens to people all the time. Career pathing is not a short-term process. It is finding the direction, broadening how you think about it and then moving toward it. Part of how we look at it is “What % of your job do you dislike?” So if you dislike 70% of your job you may be very uncomfortable in the situation. If you can make the next move and reduce the activities that you don’t like to 50% of the job and then the ultimate goal is to continue to reduce the % of your job that you dislike. The goal is to have a job that only includes dislikes to 20% to 30% of the job.

It sounds like a dream but people do it all the time. You have to know where you are going. Your next job might be 30% better and at the same time career coaching includes improving in your current job. Many people make poor decisions when they have disengaged from their current job because they feel guilty for not producing their best work.

So the first thing I ask people to do is to recommit to the job that they are in so we can look at that job to see the next move. It proves that you really don’t like the job or when you reorganize your job and manage your career in the situation you are already in lots of people stay or push out their move to accomplish 3 or 4 more goals in their current job. My coach actually did that once when I said that I was going to make a move. She felt that I needed to train at another national conference before I moved to another job. You need to stay another year. Lot’s of times that happens to people: sometimes it is time to go, sometimes it is staying another year and at times it is waiting 5 years.

Thank you for joining us, we will be doing more videos and I look forward to having you.