Coaching Services

Organic Blueprints is a boutique coaching agency that offers individualized services. We're not a franchise. We're not selling a specific system and trying to fit it to you. If you need coaching at 7am or 7pm, we're available. And we offer many different types of coaching.

Customized Coaching for You


After a meeting with Carroll, she will help determine the best way for her coaching to help you depending on what you want to achieve. She will help decide which coaching service — or combination of coaching services — will be the most helpful for you. Services are offered to individuals, groups, small businesses, agencies and corporations.

Individual Coaching & Small Group Coaching Sessions

Life, Career & Business Coaching: Starting with plans and clear objectives for your personal needs, you will begin to make the steps you require for moving forward in your career or life. Coach Carroll meets weekly or bi-weekly with you to identify obstacles to success and formulate actions to overcome those obstructions and reach tangible results.  Carroll believes in emphasizing strengths and passions for maximum outcome so she can help you map a path of least resistance. You will be asked difficult questions and encouraged to make immediate positive changes.  If you are looking to advance fast and make constructive life/business changes, then what are you waiting for?

Intensive Planning Sessions: suggested for small business owners and professionals who want to make fast progress and complete a more detailed analysis of their objectives.  This intensive will be creative, exciting and results oriented.  Together you and Carroll will devise a strategy for whole life joy and success based on strength acceleration, time management and effective communication.  Saturday scheduling is available.  Half-day or full-day sessions recommended.

Group Coaching Sessions: intended for individuals who would like to meet with Coach Carroll and an intimate group of four to five professionals just like you who want to work on improving their work/life balance and achieving new goals.  Coaching objectives will be determined by group preferences.  With Carroll motivating and challenging the group, you will find inspiration and support to make the necessary plans and changes to advance to the next level.

Specialty Coaching

Coaching for Fast Thinkers: designed to assist you extra fast thinkers better organize and prioritize in order to gain maximum productivity.  Carroll coaches how to work in your “zone” to do your best possible work.  You will identify what is your best work and how to communicate, delegate, and manage so that you spend the majority of your time doing what comes easy.

Time Valuation Collaboration: created to aid you in determining how to make the most of your time.   You will review areas where you are wasting time doing tasks that should be delegated or outsourced.  Determining where your business focus needs to be for improved profitability and examining new ways to allow you to spend more time on your key focuses is the product of this collaboration session.

Interaction Analysis: offered as a unique service to individuals who need preparation, followed by post-evaluation of a meeting or exchange.  Prior to your event, Carroll will meet with you to discuss the players in the game, the possible interactions that will occur, and how you will “play” your best game in order to gain the results you desire. The preparation may involve setting selection, prepping for possible problems, and planning for potential opportunities.  Post event evaluation will include recap of the game; what strategies worked and what damage control may need to be done. This is akin to typical corporate planning and reviews with an emphasis on the players.

Corporate Performance and Recruitment Coaching

Employer Commissioned Performance Coaching: formulated to help highly creative and fast-paced employees or teams of employees develop tools to perform at optimum intensity. On or off site coaching is available.  Fast Coach quickly and effectively reviews all aspects of the work environment and relationships to recognize the progress barriers.  Once identified and goals articulated, Carroll prods you to take active steps toward achieving success and balance.

Hiring Guidance: designed to advise staffing and recruiting agencies and the small business owner.  Carroll will help you define the exact job you are trying to fill and the best person to fill those duties.  Often times hiring is done from a more emotional than pragmatic standpoint. Carroll keenly guides you to make the best decision for your needs.

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All types of coaching sessions are available in person at Carroll’s private office or by phone. While based in Richmond, Virginia, her client base is national. With advanced booking, she is available to be on location for 1/2-day, full-day or multiple-day coaching, training, team observation or group facilitation at company retreats, board meetings or events.

Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

“Wow. In just six months of working every other week with Carroll, I have gained increasing power at work, found a real passion in my off-hours, and met people with whom I share interests. Carroll’s global approach to all the facets of my fine-but-boring life has been wonderful. Following my non-linear...