Anxiety Stops Me From Achieving My Goals

I struggle with starting projects because the I am afraid that I am not doing it right or it is not going to work out.

Lots of people feel that way. American Management Association recently released an article that talked about entrepreneurs. 35 % of the entrepreneurs are dyslexic in the US and about 20% of the entrepreneurs in the UK.

Maybe the UK does not tell you how to do things; in our corporate structure policies and procedures are so tightly laid out that if you can accomplish the task a different way and you have found another way to do it, you may not be allowed to. That means the person that has dyslexia is going to leave the company and start their own business and do it their way.

Now you are working remotely, you might actually be able to try some ways of doing things differently than you have done before. It would be a chance to see what it is like if you are not in a system where people are managing you so tightly.

For ADHD people with distractibility. Distractibility in the DSM description was argued about in the original name for ADHD. Some of the Doctors wanted to call it Attention Inconsistency. I actually think it should have been Inconsistency because of ADHD people like me; one day I can write the book and the next day I can barely find the page or one day I can run the company and the next day I don’t seem to be able to find my way to the bathroom. The Neuro-Psychologist that tested me said “ No one can figure out whether you are lucky or smart because the inconsistency is so obvious.”

Another thing I encourage people to do is to do it wrong the first time and count on starting it over. Get an hour into a project and see if it is working. If it is working, that’s great. If it is not working throw it away and start again. Go ahead and start then you can see whether you are accomplishing the goal. I always count on the first 1.5 hours being a throw away for me. I don’t have as difficult a time as some people do getting started. If I get started and it is a throw away then I am on to the right answer. Sometimes that is an easier way to accomplish thing; being perfect is not in the game for most humans so I would encourage you to stop thinking that you can actually be perfect. I want you to be able to accomplish the goal. I encourage you to try different ways of doing things and not to feel like you have to do it the perfect way when you get started. I would like to see everyone find their own way of accomplishing things, it is a lot easier.

I hope this helped, we will be doing other subjects as we move along on a regular basis. I look forward to seeing you again.