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What Will 80-Year-Old You Think?

Posted May 27th, 2016 by Carroll King Schuller

Food for thought…what would your 80-year-old self say about what your concerns are today? What would that person say about your failures? Are they really failures, or are they experiences that mold the success of your future?

It’s funny how life seems so complicated at different stages. Believe me, it is. You have a busy work life, your family (and all the concerns that go with that commitment), perhaps a spouse and children, your parents, commitments to your community, and most likely money problems at some point (including the loads of responsibility that comes with actually having some!).

What is the point of all of this? Commit with vigor to whatever it is that you are doing, even if you don’t believe you like it. Stay committed until it is time to leave. Live in the moment. When you are at home, BE there and engage with those you love. All of this sounds trite until something really serious happens to you. As a manager I used to say, “We don’t do kidney surgery here!” Take it in stride and enjoy all that is offered.

Unless you are facing aging or you are going through some urgent changes in your life, you may feel this information doesn’t apply to you. You might not be able to “hear” your own 80-year-old self. But listen. Listen closely to what they will say. At any age it is important to understand your values and priorities. Always ask yourself, “Will I regret this choice or rejoice in this choice when I’m 80?” If I don’t engage in what life is presenting me now, will I say then that I missed an unrepeatable opportunity in life? And would I really care? Or will I be happy with how I chose to spend my time and energy? What are the most important things to me in life?

Take the time now to write them down and most importantly, live by them!

This is your chance to grow.

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