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The label of “achiever”

Posted March 9th, 2014 by Carroll King Schuller

The Label of “Achiever”

“Achievers” feel a strong need to succeed in every endeavor and accomplish every goal, sometimes even on a daily basis.  Due to this, they can often be labeled as unfairly demanding bosses, coworkers, or partners.  This, however, is a misnomer.  If you feel as though you choose to work longer hours than most, do not require constant motivation from your supervisor, or are relentlessly striving to meet goals, you may be an achiever; this does not mean you are an unfair dictator, however.  It simply means that you must first understand yourself and how you work in order to have success both personally and professionally.  It’s all about balance.

Achievers are not demanding in the way they manage because they are bullies.  Instead, they feel as though they could potentially be blocked from the success they crave, and this makes them impatient when it comes to results.  These individuals may feel as though, when put in these high-achieving situations, they “lose their personalities” and alienate those around them.  This does not have to be the case.  Achievers, and those who work with them, simply need to be aware of their motivations for being upset with someone else.  It’s not really about the other person but may be a flaw in their original plan.  The solution to this dilemma is understanding your work team dynamics.  When an achiever realizes that implementing their plan in another way can be just as successful, they can take back their personalities and become themselves again.

You can balance the constant need for accomplishment by finding the correct profession.  Instead of choosing a career that only brings monetary or tangible rewards, find work that is fulfilling, a job in which you enjoy the process and not just the results.  It’s important to also build a personal life.  Achievers are admired.  You can define yourself in new ways by paying attention to what you’re good at and doing work that is as easy as breathing.  With these steps, achievers are diligent and directive employees who can become assets to any company.