Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

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Troubles facing young adults in the job market

Posted March 28th, 2014 by Carroll King Schuller

If young people haven’t determined an obvious career path (accountant, teacher, etc.) when they enter college, they are likely to be mystified by the lack of available jobs upon graduation.  Many find that entry-level positions have already been filled and even more are going into business with their parents or family members.

In addition to the struggle to find employment, our society has perhaps misled youth with the mantra of going to college and getting a good education in order to be successful and make a good living.  Thus, young adults find themselves trying to cobble together a job and figure out how to get from one place in their lives to the next.

The future, however, is not bleak for this generation of intelligent and driven young individuals.  They need to be willing to take the first opportunity that comes their way instead of waiting for the perfect job, while still being aware of what their perfect opportunity looks like.  That’s where I come in at Organic Blueprints; I help young adults create opportunities for themselves instead of finding them in more conventional ways.  The purpose of my services as a professional life coach is to assist young people in creating the life they want and learn about themselves in ways that will contribute to their professional success.  My goal is to help them figure out what they’re really good at and enjoy doing it.

With the influx of young people in today’s job market, the reality is there’s a big challenge, BUT we can do something about it by figuring you out as a person, what your goals are, and how you can achieve them.  Starting off in the right direction means that young adults need to transcend the somewhat skewed perspective that society has offered and create new ways of being successful and finding work that will be fulfilling.

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