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Great Careers Are Grown

Building a great career goes beyond earning seven digits a month or achieving job satisfaction. A great career is not limited to specific industries or businesses. It is a product of various elements, including your satisfaction, success and motivation, fulfillment of needs and achieving of your dreams.

So, what creates a great career for someone? It’s passion! Larry Smith, economics professor at the University of Waterloo, compiled his 35-years of career counseling in a 15-minute TED Talk session, which was based on the idea of being passionate about your job. According to Professor Smith, passion is the driving force behind building great careers and the backbone of your inspiration, motivation and innovation.

One challenge that could potentially derail a career that is backed by passion is a lack of communication skills. Consider the president of a company, staring at a wall during an important business meeting because he/she lacks appropriate communication skills.

You need communication skills to:

  • Express yourself to others
  • Sell yourself in the competitive market

Finding Your Passion

While passion is your strongest driving force, it is also the hardest to find. The difference between passion and desire is similar to the difference between love and a crush. You may want to enter an already thriving industry, but the desire to outdo others can be lost after some time, while passion for something does not fade away as easily.

Passion is the energy that keeps you up and working on the weekend. You can be passionate about anything – from simply making money to building an empire and making a name for yourself.

Things You Must Know During Your Student Years

Today, many students may be more concerned about getting higher paying jobs as opposed to building a great career for themselves. Hence, it is important to note a few things:

  • No subject in your school is useless. Subjects that may seem to be useless during schools actually serve to enhance your critical thinking skills.
  • Work during vacations. Find internships. Hunt for jobs that offer exposure in your field and not just money.
  • Learn as much as you can from people around you.
  • If at any stage, you feel that you are losing interest in a specific job, then it is better to switch to another job.
  • Just like you cannot skip to advanced classes without learning the basics, you cannot reach the top in your selected career without starting from the bottom and working your way up slowly. Always remember that smooth transitions are essential for safer landings.
  • It is important to learn from your mistakes and keep moving.

Some people identify their passions and build great careers, even before finishing college. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg, the great Facebook founder. He found a passion and stuck to it. It can take decades to build a great career.


Now that you have the roadmap to building a great career, all you need is to stay focused and motivated!  If you need help in developing one or do not know where to begin, please give me a call at (804) 288-0099 or email me at, and I will work with you to develop your roadmap and journey with you in accomplishing your goals.