Last week, Newsweek published a fantastic -- but sad -- article about the a decline in the creativity of US school children. "The Creativity Crisis" discusses findings from a series of "Torrance tests" (named after their inventor, psychologist Paul Torrance). Torrance tests involve asking participants perform tasks related to divergent thinking and other problem-solving skills, which are then

“Improvement” is a national problem. I know this sounds wacky, but hang in there. A distressed mother called a friend, asking for advice on her son.  “He wants to fight with everyone, and I don’t know what to do with him.”  He was on the verge of being kicked out of school. The friend—smart lady that she is—suggested

So what exactly do I mean by "Failure in all Success"? First things first. Defining Success. How do you define success? No, I’m not asking you to make a list of attributes of a “successful person.”  That’s not necessarily bunk, but it's also not terribly helpful. The emphasis in that sentence should be on you.  Who’s really making the


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