Spring is a season of renewal and change. In many cultures, this season is celebrated with rites and festivals revolving around food production and the sowing of crops. Plants begin to grow anew after winter, and animals begin nesting activities. With spring also comes spring cleaning and other alterations. So, what causes people to want

As times change, so does the job market both for those without any type of work and those who are in jobs that are not their dream careers. According to recent data, about 30 million people are unemployed or underemployed in the United States. The U.S. Department of Labor statistic of 5.6% unemployment does not include

Getting started, with any major project in life, is always difficult, and sometimes we can feel like we are perpetually stuck in the tortoise-and-the-hare scenario. Everyone is afraid that they’ll never get there and are afraid that their plans won’t go well, so they don’t start. I’ve been in that position. In 2003, I filed a

Starting your own business is a great achievement for any entrepreneur, but maintaining that company can be challenging. Any business, big or small, faces difficulties, including hiring the right people or branding your image. Reid Hoffman, in his book The Alliance: Managing Talent in the NetworkAge, emphasizes the need for a realistic loyalty pact between employer

Time management is taught, pushed as the way to be effective, and considered a factor in brainpower and will power.  Focusing on eliminating the need for time management is perhaps a pie in the sky ideal, but can be a very simple and exciting way to work. Wikipedia defines time management in ways that includes creating


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