How to accomplish all the things you want

Wow, sitting in the doctor’s office with my 92-year-old Dad has changed what I ask my clients to consider. I ask that they look ahead 30 years and create a plan, working backwards using 10 year increments. Everyone asks what are you going to do in 5 years and there is always a pat answer for that, but we disregard the changes that go on in life. What stage will your life be in 10 years from now: family, work, career and personal development and lifestyle.

Even working through this with experienced clients, no one ever believes they are going to reach 80 or 90. What would it be like to life the fullest life you can imagine? One of the most important parts of this planning is you (your skills and loves). Another part is thinking about lives of those around you: ages of children, stage of your careers, etc. Looking at things this way changes your sense of urgency about parts of your life and identifying your real priorities.

  1. Grab a notebook or open a document and look at your life in 10 year increments for the next 30 years.
  2. Ask yourself what you will have done over the previous 10 years. Often people tell me that they want to learn an instrument, double the size of their business, reduce stress, spend more time with family, have more friends, make a job change, etc.
  3. Ask yourself (and your partner or spouse) questions like:
    • Where do I/we want to live?
    • How old will my/our children be?
    • How old will I/we be at the juncture of those decades?
    • What life style do I/we want?
  4. Document the activities and events that are going to occur one decade at a time. This will show you how much you want to accomplish.
  5. Take a step back and sleep on it for a couple of weeks to see if you have included all of your goals for each decade.
  6. Your projections and goals might include subjects like family life, hobbies, profession, community, activities, etc.

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Thank you for reading this and enjoy your day!