There are alternative ways of doing things for those with ADHD, LD, or situational ADHD that can make life easier. These conditions may cause inattention or attention inconsistency, but while we have this we are still expected to continue our lives and function in this fast-paced world. The following are my top tips for coping with

The fairytale story that many young people have become accustomed to in today’s society goes a little something like this: Once upon a time, the student graduated from high school with a high GPA and went to college to get a great education. After having the “college experience,” the student graduated and got a well-paying, employee

Spring is a season of renewal and change. In many cultures, this season is celebrated with rites and festivals revolving around food production and the sowing of crops. Plants begin to grow anew after winter, and animals begin nesting activities. With spring also comes spring cleaning and other alterations. So, what causes people to want


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