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A Standing Desk: Is it Right for You?

Posted April 30th, 2010 by Carroll King Schuller

Instead of trying to organize your desk for the millionth time, consider throwing it away!

To Work More Effectively, Think about Your Body, Not Just Your Brain.

If you’ve always found it frustrating to sit in one place–you tap your feet, you shift around, you look for excuses to walk away from your desk–you might benefit from using a standing desk.  For some, though not all, of my life coaching clients, standing while working makes a difference.Depending on your personality and work environment, benefits might include:

greater focus, clarity and creativity;

decreased stiffness and soreness, particularly in the neck, shoulders, back and hips;

weight loss and improved muscle tone.

It sounds like I’m hocking the latest “miracle pill,” but what’s good for the body is always good for the brain. Movement rather than stagnation. Activity over passivity.

Changing Perceptions about Standing Desks

A number of years ago, while working at a large corporation, I asked my boss if I could use a standing desk. She immediately said no.When explaining her objections, she said, “It’ll make you different.”

As though that was somehow a big secret. We’re all different!

Fortunately, over the past five or ten years, employers have become more flexible with regard to work spaces and configurations. Media and medical professionals alike have been talking about standing desks and even work stations with treadmills attached.

Last week, an article about standing desks “Can’t Stand to Sit Too Long?” made it to number one on the list of “most e-mailed” articles on website of The New York Times.   This article comes on the heels of another NY Times article titled “Stand Up While You Read This!”.

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