Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

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Planning for Non-Planners

Posted January 31st, 2008 by Carroll King Schuller

If you’re a fast-thinking adult, the last thing you want to do is sit down and jot out a lot of plans, either for your business or for your personal life. You have things to do and opportunities to grab hold of.

But that’s just where planning comes in handy. Planning ahead allows you to grab on and ride rather than grinding out progress tediously. You’ll see the same opportunities, but with plans in place for everything else, you can pursue them more fully.

You’re going to be successful either way. But would you rather surf the waves, or stand up to them as they hit you?

Planning for non-planners can be spontaneous and fun. You have to get something onto paper, but it doesn’t have to be neat and orderly yet. Let yourself draw. Let yourself use colors. Walk around as you write in a notebook. Just get your plan to achieving your goal written down somehow, any way you can.