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Live Your Life

Posted September 26th, 2014 by Carroll King Schuller

Life is about living, truly living, and being engaged in where you are.  There is no prescription for life, and we take it on faith that life goes on.  I have learned a few things along my journey.  One of the most important is that many people believe they will always have the same experience again.  For example, a business man may believe that because he made a million dollars one he can do it again, or that he will always be invited to the fanciest cocktail party.  In reality, these are opportunities that may never come along again.  I say this not to sound gloomy but to emphasize the importance of living in the moment.

I have had personal experience with this sensation.  I took a trip to Africa and witnessed 34 elephants coming across a hill.  The sight was so powerful that I began to cry; it was as if the power of the moment created in me an out-of-body experience.  My body knew before my brain did that this was something I would have to remember.  I wonder if we were all really living in the moment at all times if everything would be this powerful or significant.

Dan Buettner did a wonderful National Geographic study about this phenonment in which he explored five places in the world where people live longer lives including the interior of Sardinia, a peninsula in Costa Rica, a Greek island, a Japanese archipelago, and a community in southern California.  The life spans of these individuals were not solely dependent on diet or exercise; Buettner found that their social and physical environment also played an important, positive role.  He identified nine concept that could provide Americans with another 12 quality years of life:

  1. Keep moving (use fewer laborsaving devices)
  2. Find purpose (and pursue it)
  3. Slow down (rest and take vacations)
  4. Stop eating (at 80% full)
  5. Dine on plants (eat more veggies)
  6. Drink red wine (consistently and in moderation)
  7. Join a group (have a good social network)
  8. Feed your soul (with spiritual activities)
  9. Love your tribe (make your family a priority)

These “Blue Zones,” as Buettner refers to them, are some of the happiest places on earth.  I think this is an incredible way to live and a positive, practical psychology that, with this knowledge, we can only try to implement.

This is an easy way to look at life, and I seek to help people find purpose in their lives and to have fulfilling experiences.  If any of this strikes a chord with you, I may be able to help you with life coaching.  Together, we will address your current professional successes, conditions, life transitions, and relationships to discover what your obstacles might be to living the life you want.  Contact me at Organic Blueprints at 804.288.0099.

Remember: live, laugh, and love.