Innovative Ideas Will Accomplish Goals

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Get out of the home office

Posted February 1st, 2008 by Carroll King Schuller

So, you’re working from home. Or maybe you have a work-from-home arrangement with your employer that allows you to stay home virtually all of the time. Either way, the freedom is helping you get more done than you even expected.

But you feel dull. You’re missing the banter, the break room
conversations, the walks to and from the car with coworkers. Maybe you went out to lunch with folks from your office in the past, but now you’re stuck at home every day. And the after-work beer with coworkers is tough to pull off when you don’t have any around.

What are you missing? Interation and external stimulation. You don’t get it just by accident anymore.

But that’s not so bad to plan for. You just have to set aside regular time for getting out of your home. What about these ideas:

  • A weekly visit to an amusement park
  • Run or ride on a country road
  • Exploring new routes to get to familiar places
  • Shopping without spending
  • Lunch at a new place with a new person

Instead of the same faces you see every day at work, take this opportunity to set up a lunch and get to know someone you connected with in the past month. Think of it as just another part of your exciting new job!  Get out of that home office once in a while…it will do both your body and brain good.

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