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Four Signs That You Need a Business Coach

Posted February 27th, 2009 by Carroll King Schuller

You may have heard about business coaches but are unsure if you need one. While most people can benefit in some way from working with a business coach, here are the four most common reasons for calling a business coach:

1. You find yourself unhappy with your job. 
Some people may actually be in the wrong career. However, others may simply need to learn to look at their jobs differently. A business coach can help you evaluate if you need to learn to approach your job in a different way or if you should make the jump into a new career.

2. You can’t seem to get work done on time.
Business coaches can help you develop better time management skills. If you’ve noticed that you’re taking longer to get projects done or that you’re always up against deadlines, you may need to work on your time management abilities. A business coach can teach you multiple methods for doing this.

3. You think you’re underpaid.
If you’re unhappy with your salary, a business coach may be able to help you learn how to get ahead in your job and increase your salary. There’s no miracle answer to making more money, but a business coach can teach you several ways to get ahead that can result in a higher salary.

4. You need to make better connections.

A business coach can help you learn how to make friends and acquaintances in the business world. Networking is one of the most important things in business, and learning how to successfully meet people can turn your career around.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, working with a business coach can be the answer to your problems. Call Carroll King Schuller today at 804-288-0099 for your free consultation!