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Enhance Your Performance: Show, Don’t Tell

Posted May 18th, 2010 by Carroll King Schuller

There’s always ONE request that your co-workers, employees, boss, or even spouse just never seems to hear.

“When we’re getting ready to travel, please don’t pack my toothbrush until after breakfast.”

“Before we go into a meeting, be sure to send me a copy of the report.”

People seem to listen. But next time around, nothing changes.

The toothbrush is still missing before breakfast, so you’re left to slather a gob of paste onto your index finger.

What can you do to finally be heard?

For starters, stop talking!

Instead, get creative and think of a way to use the old teaching adage, “show, don’t tell.”

Here’s an illustration.

If you told me the ideal gas law (PV=nRT) (which states that a drop in temperature with fixed mass and external pressure will result in a smaller volume, and vice versa), I would say WHAT?

I might never get it.

Even if I cared about this concept–even if it was important to my personal or career success–I wouldn’t get it.

I would walk around forever misunderstanding, misremembering, and generally feeling baffled by the ideal gas law.

Everything would change in an instant, however, if you showed me this video (see below).

I would get it in a split second.

Apply the same thinking in your relationships.

Show, Don’t Tell.

Take it as a fun challenge, though you should probably stop short of using dry ice and balloon animals. Well, maybe.

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