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Don’t Read The News (Too Much)

Posted January 28, 2008 by Carroll King Schuller

“A Recession Is Here.” “Companies to cut jobs.” “Fed Cuts Interest Rates.” Every few years the headlines give you reason to be afraid for your job and your lifestyle, and it seems that time is here again.

This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but here’s my advice: Don’t worry about the headlines.

“What?” you’re asking. “That’s crazy.” But, for most people, closely following economic news is just an easy way to let things affecting other people cause you personal stress.

The truth is, jobs are being created and lost at all points in the cycle. You can be laid off in a boom, and you can find a fantastic new job in a recession. Respond to business changes and prepare for the unexpected, but, unless it’s part of your job, don’t worry too much about how quickly the GDP is increasing.

Bottom line?  Don’t read the news…too much!