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Why Call a Business Coach?

Posted April 9th, 2009 by Carroll King Schuller

Well, there are actually several reasons why talking with a Business Coach is useful even if your business is going well.

  • First, a Business Coach has an outside perspective. He or she has no pre-conceived notions about your business, giving him/her a great view of how your company looks to an outsider. Your Business Coach can often see things that you overlook, and these are often things that would either cause problems in the future or can be changed to make your business more efficient.

  • Second, a Business Coach isn’t consulted just to solve problems. In fact, many people discuss their very successful businesses with a coach. They want someone to challenge their perceptions and look for blind spots they might have when reviewing the business objectives, clients, employees, systems and results. They also want to simply talk about their business strategies and approaches. Often, the discussion takes a more personal turn, and the two discuss things like the owner’s managerial style, motivations and vision.

  • Finally, sometimes a Business Coach serves as a sounding board. As a business owner, you may have several ideas for your company but aren’t sure which path to take. You can bounce these ideas off the Business Coach to get an idea of how they will be perceived by your customers and your employees. This is a great way of getting feedback before you implement ideas at your company.

A large percentage of my coaching practice involves helping clients who are already successful to become even more successful. To achieve bigger goals. To expand their business. To grow from a freelancer to an owner of a marketing agency. To move quickly from a small business to mid-size business. To crystallize their vision.

If you’re already a successful entrepreneur or business owner, it’s important to realize the importance of having a Business Coach who can be an outside sounding board to help you quickly grow or expand your business.

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