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Business Coaching: Helps you to identify and achieve bigger goals such as an expanded business, vision crystallization and effective resource management

Executive Coaching: Provides a creative partnership in professional development, decision-making, risk analysis, renewed focus, communication skills and strategic planning

Life and Career Coaching: Aimed mainly at helping you get “unstuck” either personally or professionally, and determining which path is the right path for you

ADHD Coaching: Maximizes strengths of the super fast ADHD brain while guiding you to work around your obstacles and challenges

Recruitment Coaching: Helps you master the skills of attracting highly capable, dedicated and eager talent

Benefits of
Working With Carroll

Creative Clarity


Benefits of Working With Carroll

Clients who have worked with Carroll as their creative partner have found that her coaching allowed them to move forward by gaining clarity, refocusing on important goals, creating powerful action steps and better understanding connections between work, life and health.

Seeing Your Obstacles
& Abilities Clearly

Fast Forward


Seeing Your Obstacles & Abilities Clearly

When you’re prompted to think in non-traditional ways, results can come fast, leading you to greater creativity, motivation, focus, and success. Fast change is like pole-vaulting. Some changes happen that quickly. To Carroll, coaching is a creative, collaborative process.

Identify and Work
From Your Strengths

Intelligent Investment


Identify and Work From Your Strengths

If you are like most people who benefit from coaching, you are a highly intelligent, driven, strategic thinker. Carroll’s clients credit her coaching with helping them improve all aspects of their life. They cite a clear return on investment: enlisting in Carroll’s coaching brings them direct, measurable results.

Invigorate Career Search by Seeing Your Abilities Differently

“I’d been out of the job market for awhile, and working with Carroll to help me get back in was invaluable. With her assistance, I figured out very quickly what my strengths were and where I wanted to focus my career search. I’ve recommended her highly to several friends and business …

Make Positive Change

I can’t thank Carroll enough for helping me become who I’m really supposed to be. She helped me to recognize and focus on my strengths…I’m making a career change to being a writer… Carroll has been instrumental in helping me make the change. I even have a publisher looking at …

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