Specialized Coaching
to Meet Your Needs

We offer specialized coaching services to meet the unique needs of our clients.


In addition to CAREER COACHING, LIFE COACHING, BUSINESS COACHING, and EXECUTIVE COACHING, I have deep expertise and specialization in the following areas to support the unique needs of her clients.



Many people with ADHD, either diagnosed or with tendencies, don’t realize that what society believes are weaknesses are, in reality, genius gifts. I will work with you to restructure chaos, gaining focus and finding harmony.


Young Adult

Young adults often benefit from a short burst of coaching, whether they’re college age or starting their first jobs as young professionals. Often, coaching, as opposed to therapy, can help a young adult move forward quickly and easily.


Family Run Business

Family Run Businesses face unique challenges. With my guidance you can move your family run businesses forward with more clarity, better communication, and streamlined operations.

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Specialty Coaching.


Designed to assist you extra fast thinkers better organize and prioritize in order to gain maximum productivity. We will focus on how to work in your “zone” to do your best possible work. You will identify what is your best work and how to communicate, delegate, and manage so that you spend the majority of your time doing what comes easy.


Created to aid you in determining how to make the most of your time. You will review areas where you are wasting time doing tasks that should be delegated or outsourced. Determining where y our business focus needs to be for improved profitability and examining new ways to allow you to spend more time on your key focuses is the product of this collaboration session.


Offered as a unique service to individuals who need preparation, followed by post-evaluation of a meeting or exchange. Prior to your event, Carroll will meet with you to discuss the players in the game, the possible interactions that will occur, and how you will “play” your best game in order to gain the results you desire. The preparation may involve setting selection, prepping for possible problems, and planning for potential opportunities. Post event evaluation will include recap of the game; what strategies worked and what damage control may need to be done. This is akin to typical corporate planning and reviews with an emphasis on the players.

Client Successes

Amy Burman

I whole-heartedly recommend Carroll to anyone struggling with their career. Her kind, yet no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to finally quit my dead-end job, find a job I truly enjoy, and start living the kind of life I had always envisioned but never thought I could achieve. Carroll helped me focus on the things I wanted to do, rather than the things I felt obligated to do. Working with Carroll absolutely changed my life for the better.

Chris Honsberger

I had the opportunity to work with Carroll to help me better understand myself and how I could approach some challenging work situations in my career. I found her to be an excellent listener and she offered some surprisingly creative career solutions.


I contacted Carroll to assist my 22 year old daughter, who has ADD with career and education guidance. Carroll went to great efforts to discuss with me her needs and was very thorough and methodical in focusing on key points. She has a great gift of keen understanding what a person with Attention Deficit Disorder goes through and she is extremely intuitive to my daughters needs.


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