Why Young Adults Get Fast Results with Coaching

There are two groups of young adults that I see most often in my coaching practice.

  1. College Age, 18-22
  2. Young Professionals, 22-30

They tend to be exceptionally talented or even gifted in some way but perhaps struggling to make a decision, unsure of a career path or job.

But they almost always have success with coaching sessions and are quick to “get it” and can move forward.

There are three reasons why young adults respond so well to coaching:

  1. They appreciate being treated as an adult professional because they don’t always receive that treatment at home, in college or even in the workplace.
  2. They are accountable and are willing to be coached and to finish the assignments between sessions that will help them move forward faster.
  3. They long for independence in weighing the options and making their own decisions and coaching allows them that freedom.

If you’re a young adult, or you are the parent of a young adult, then chances are you will see significantly positive results in working with a professional life coach like Carroll King Schuller.  Call 804.288.0099 today for an introductory coaching session.

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