Outsource Your Chores

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Alina Dizik  writes about outsourcing your chores.

At first she was skeptical.  Would it work?  What information would she have to share?  Would the assistant do a good job?

She tested four different companies that assign you a virtual assistant:  GetFriday, Chennai, Red Butler, and AskSunday.

She put her virtual assistants through their paces, assigning them to research vacation options and prices, buy a wedding gift for a friend, and make inquiries to her health insurance company.

By the end of the article, she writes, “At first it was hard to outsource chores, but after a while it became easier. As a matter of fact, I’ve already started another to-do list for my virtual assistant.”

Even if you aren’t quite ready to send your laundry list to India, consider gathering a local team that will help you get things done.

What do you dislike doing?  What do you put off?

If it’s going to the grocery store, hire someone to pick your plums and fetch your milk.  If it’s doing your laundry, get a service.

The time and energy you save by NOT doing your own chores will be well worth the money.   Ponder that while you’re lugging another bag of mulch around your yard this weekend!

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