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Does life seem to be passing you by? Do you have a long list of things to do but don’t have the “strength” to do them? Do you feel like things are holding you back? Let a Life Coach from Dallas help you focus on your future.

Focus On Your Future

Dallas Life Coach

Dallas Life Coach

Are you unhappy, but unsure whether it’s related to your business or personal life? If you’re facing such a crossroads, perhaps it’s time to consider a professional Dallas life and business coach.

At Organic Blueprints, we offer Dallas business coaching and life coaching designed to provide you with a useful direction, organize your life, and find success. Many first-time life and business coaching clients wonder why they waited so long to seek out professional guidance for something so vital to personal fulfillment. Your life and business coach can help you identify clear goals and outline a path toward achieving them.

Dallas Business Coaching & Life Coaching From Organic Blueprints

  • Your Dallas Life Coach will help you identify the things that bring you joy in life
  • Once you discover your own personal path, you will find it easier to communicate with friends, family, and business colleagues
  • Your business and personal life are inexorably linked, a professional Dallas business coach can help you balance the two
  • Your Dallas life coach will help you with planning, perspective, and organization – essential qualities for success
  • Be excited about life, focus on your future, and live the life you want to live

If you’re unhappy or feel like you’re are stuck in neutral, it may be time to work with a professional Dallas business coach who can help you find balance between your professional and personal life.

Do I Need A Professional Dallas Life Coach?

Ask yourself these questions before contacting an experienced Dallas life coach:

  • Do I want healthier relationships with family and friends?
  • Do I love life, or what will it take to start loving it?
  • Am I happy?

A qualified Dallas life coach can help you nurture relationships and set clear personal goals designed to help you capture life’s joy. By crafting your life goals and creating short and long term personal deliverables, your Dallas life coach will help you challenge yourself and overcome hurdles in stride.

Do I Need An Experienced Dallas Business Coach?

Ask yourself these questions before contacting a professional Dallas business coach:

  • Do I have trouble visualizing future business goals?
  • Am I struggling to figure out what happens next in my career?
  • Would I benefit from a fresh business perspective?

The success of your business hinges on planning, perspective, and organization, which is why a Dallas business coach can be so beneficial. Whether you want to develop employees, plan the upcoming year in detail, or start working’ on’ the business instead of ‘in’ the business, your Dallas business coach can help. Indeed, there is a balance you need to do both until the business is large enough to sustain a wholly strategic leader

Your personal life and business life should be balanced, and work symbiotically. Let a professional life and business coach from Organic Blueprints help you find happiness and success.

Dallas Tidbits

Dallas, Texas has certainly had humble beginnings for a community that currently has population of over one million people. During the 1840’s, the settlement known as Dallas was established in the Three Forks region of the Trinity River, made possible by the determination of one man.

In 1839, a man whose name was John Bryan traveled to Three Forks on a mission to establish a trading post for pioneers and Indians. The advantages of finding Three Forks, included the facts that it was soon to be on the established Preston Trail, and it was the best location to cross the river. Mr. Bryan returned to Arkansas after plotting the new settlement. Meanwhile, the US government negotiated a treaty to remove the existing population of Native Indians from all of North Texas.

In 1841, Mr. Bryan returned only to discover that the Indians were still there but his customers were gone. Mr. Bryan went to the close by Peters Colony and convinced some of those pioneers to move to his new settlement, in an effort to ensure the survival of the settlement. A man whose name was John Beeman was one of those pioneers and upon his arrival, Mr. Beeman planted the first crop of corn in 1842. The Dallas residents supported the annexation of Texas into the Union.

Soon, the Peters Colony pioneers spread the good news about what is currently known as Dallas. The population of this new Texas settlement increased quickly. The settlement became the permanent county seat of Dallas County in 1850.

The year 1860 brought the incorporation of Dallas as a town. The population of the settlement was about 2,000 people and the first mayor was a man named Samuel Pryor. Public debates about the issue of secession were held as Dallas prepared to enter the Civil War. The majority of the business district burned to the ground that same year. Arson was suspected and three slaves were hung, the rest of the slaves were beaten, and two abolitionists were run out of the community.

Later that same year the business district was reconstructed, although, there was a shortage of housing available since the community was experiencing explosive growth. Texas and Dallas County sent supplies and volunteers when the war got as far as Texas, which seceded from the Union in 1861.

Dallas experienced some additional growth that brought with it outlaws, former slaves, and unfair price structures for crops following the end of the Civil War. The first passenger train from the Houston and Texas Central Railroad came through Dallas in 1872. In 1877, The Farmer’s Alliance established The Farmer’s Markets, and built a warehouse to store cotton until it could be shipped to St. Louis. After only 20 months the Alliance collapsed as the result of the lack of support from the lending industry. Before their departure, such outlaws as Doc Holliday, Belle Starr, and Sam Bass made their mark on Dallas.

Much the same as other communities, Dallas was originally devastated by the Great Depression, and by 1931, over 18,000 people were unemployed. The discovery of oil is what saved the community although the community established a work for food program.

Beginning in 1931, the oil industry started to explore and exploit their finds, with the help of some bank loans. Small businesses started springing up all over the community in order to support the oil fields, while the roustabouts and roughnecks made their drilling machines hum like well-oiled machines. In Dallas, the oil fields were plentiful and productive. East Texas became synonymous with Big Oil.

In 1963, on November 22, the world and Dallas were stunned when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a presidential motorcade parade at the nearby place where John Neely Bryan had first located the settlement. A man named Lee Harvey Oswald was taken into custody for the assassination, while some days later, he was murdered by a nightclub owner in Dallas named Jack Ruby. In 1970, the Kennedy Memorial was completed in 1970, and the Sixth Floor Museum of the Texas Book Depository was completed and opened in 1989.

Between the 1950’s and the 1960’s, with the help of some growing companied, that included Texas Instruments, Dallas became the third largest technology center in the country. In 1957, the Home Furnishings Mart, opened, and the community became the home furnishing business of the Dallas Market Center, which gradually came to be known as the largest wholesale trade complex in the world.

Between 1970’s and the 1980’s, the Dallas skyline changed as the result of some prominent skyscrapers. During the 1980’s, when the oil industry moved its headquarters to Houston, Dallas was starting to understand the advantages of a struggling technology boom, by the expanding the telecommunications and computer industries, while continuing to be a center of business and banking. Dallas became known as the Silicon Valley of Texas during the 1990’s.

In Dallas, professional sports teams are famous and plentiful. As the result of their popularity and success during the 1970’s, the Dallas Cowboys football team was known as America’s Team. Obviously, the Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleaders, who have become famous all over the world, go right along with the Dallas Cowboys.

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