Keep It Simple: Living Purposefully with ADHD

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The Importance of Finding and Having a Plan

Do you dream of living a life of purpose only to feel derailed at every turn and your priorities just sinking into the sand or washing out to sea? For someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, having a purpose and living purposefully seem to be at odds, and the perfect plan turns out to be the perfect storm on many days and in many seasons at work and at home.

The key? Get a plan and keep it simple.  Every person with ADHD needs a plan to function throughout the year, but how and where do you get a plan? There are many books written on the topic with many good suggestions, but how do you know which one is right for you and one that will stick?

Purchasing book after book or downloading plan after plan and checklist after checklist gets so frustrating. Reaching that organized, structured, and perfect utopia seems to become the quest in itself and very exhausting trying to weave all of those suggestions that worked for someone else into the day-to-day existence of your own chaos and indecision.

So much of the ADHD material and books written on the topic are too complicated to digest—better yet, to ignite action. Many systems designed to assist one with ADHD have too much complexity and are not easy to implement.

When I work with a client, my goal is to design a plan with no complexity–a keep-it-simple plan that is easy and encourages success. The plan is also designed specifically for that person without putting everyone into the same bucket or plan of action.  Each person is different and each needs an individualized, custom plan that fits his or her personality and strengths. It can be simple, and it can be successful.

During a day’s time, we accomplish various tasks and make many decisions.  Deciding which is important is a skill that can be learned and on which someone can take action. What are the big rocks that need to happen that day? Do you concentrate all day on the pebbles and grains of sand and at the end of the day the big rocks are still there?

Let’s work together on a plan just for you. You do have a purpose every day and getting derailed can be minimized with the right plan.  Your life can have purpose at every turn at home and at work. Keep it simple!

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